EducationUSA – EducationUSA Eurasia and Central Asia Tour 2020


RECRUIT the best students. EXPAND your contacts. INCREASE your market share.


All students who attend EducationUSA fairs have a strong command of English, are academically strong, and are interested studying in the U.S.A.


Establish direct contacts with students and parents. Follow up after the tour. Recruit the best students.


You can take part in the entire tour or select the individual fairs that fit your strategic recruitment plans. School outreach visits are in the works for Georgia, Armenia and Turkey which may extend activities by a day our two on either end. Stay tuned for more information.

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November 10–November 19, 2023

Our goal is to continue to bring together accredited U.S. universities committed to internationalization and facilitate your engagement with qualified, motivated, and well-prepared students. With stops in Georgia (Nov. 10), Armenia (Nov. 11), Lithuania (Nov. 15), Poland (Nov. 16) and Turkey(Nov. 18-19), the advising centers will work to connect you with students from the local community as well as those displaced by geo-political conflict. Advisers serving Belarus, Russia and Ukraine will join the fairs to support displaced students and HEIs with their unique needs.

With over 20 years of expertise in the Eurasia and Central Asia market, EducationUSA focuses on the quality of students, not just the quantity. The fair visitors are carefully targeted by online campaigns, webinars, and hundreds of outreach events in each city prior to the tour. We promote your schools offline and online according to your profile.

Here is what the Tour participants say:

“This was one of the best tours I have ever participated in. It was obvious the EducationUSA staff worked very hard to create a wonderful and productive experience for participating schools and students. I would come back to this region in a heartbeat.” 

“Very memorable experience. One of the best recruitment travel experiences ever!”

“This was probably the best organized EducationUSA tour I have ever taken part in.”

 “I appreciated being able to participate in 2 workshops and speak to students at an advising center.”

“EducationUSA is doing a fantastic job. We will only be participating in fairs hosted by EducationUSA.”

“Awesome value for the fee.”









Karen M. Bauer

Regional Educational Advising Coordinator (REAC)

Spending International Education Weeks with EducationUSA in Eurasia! We would be delighted to introduce you to the many interested students from across the region. This will be the first in-person fair tour in the region since the pandemic and our advisers are so excited to help you recruit students for Eurasia, especially those who have been displaced.

Our advisers have a great deal of experience guiding and counseling potential students and maintain contact and communicate with these students regularly. Located at Embassies, American Councils they also continue to expand their networks and long-standing relationships with local schools, colleges, faculty, and leadership in their cities. They will maximize all of these relationships to make sure your participation in the tour is a successful one.

On behalf of our EducationUSA advisers in Central Asia, thank you for staying connected and joining us for these exciting events.

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Participate in EducationUSA fairs in five countries:
Armenia, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland and Turkey


Meet thousands of potential applicants on the tour, including displaced students from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Increase your market share and enhance the image of your institution in the region.


Meet EducationUSA staff in each country, including advisers serving Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Get support for your future activities. Take part in a country briefing – debriefings.


Participate in webinars with students and parents during the tour.


Strengthen relationships with your alumni and pre-fair contacts by inviting them to your virual fair booth.


Receive extensive pre-tour promotion through social media, direct e-mail, and newsletters to our wide network.

Students speaking: Why America?

Yevgeniy: … American schools provide ideal settings for research and a prestigious Diploma of graduation will help in finding a job of my dream.

Sasha: … America is a country of opportunities. The educational system is flexible. Having graduated from a U.S. school I will be able to find my place in life.

Philipp: I want to make my contribution to Science. I want to see the world and meet different people. I want to get a quality education.

Ivan: …studying in U.S. gives you good outlooks for building up a career; a chance to contribute to science; U.S. is in the vanguard of science… your professors can be Noble Prize laureates; it also gives you a multicultural experience and new mindset.


Alma College

American University in Bulgaria

Baltic-American Freedom Foundation (BAFF)

Bentley University

British Council Armenia

Bryant University

Carnegie Mellon University, Information Networking Institute

Central European University

Central European University / OSI

Coastal Carolina University

College of New Jersey, The

College of the Canyons

Saint Francis University

San Diego State University

Dickinson State University

Drexel University

ETS – TOEFL and GRE Tests

Foothill + De Anza Colleges

Grand Valley State University

Hult International Business School

John Cabot University

Lindenwood University

Minerva Schools at KGI

Missouri State University

Monroe College

New York University

New York University School of Engineering

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Seattle Central College

Shoreline Community College

Sotheby’s Institute of Art

Southern Utah University

State University of New York at Cortland (SUNY Cortland)

Stony Brook University

Swarthmore College

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

University of California, Irvine

University of California, San Diego Extension International Programs

University of Texas School of Law

Western Kentucky University

Ohio Northern University College of Law

U.S. Schools speaking: Why EducationUSA?

During the webinar you will learn more about the recruitment opportunities in the region with all specific information for each particular city. We will talk about a split of G/UG, students expectations, Terms and Conditions and we will answer all your questions. Should you wish to receive a link for a recorded webinar, please email us!

We recommend the full tour if you have not actively recruited in the region before, but you can select any of the cities along the way that meet your recruitment goals.

To make your participation successful, first you need to register and submit payment. Registration deadline is September 30, 2020. Payment deadline is October 9, 2020. Once you register, please send asap to [email protected] a high quality (size: up to 5 MB) logo and 1-2 photos for promotional use.  Please see the instructions on how to set upa the virtual booth.

EducationUSA’s mission is to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and people of other countries through educational and cultural exchange. EducationUSA works with all U.S. accredited HEIs and equally represents them all.  EducationUSA encourages students to look beyond rankings and consider a wide range of factors when considering which institutions to apply to in order to ensure the best fit for them. Your participation in our fairs is an important way for us to achieve this mission by showcasing the diversity of U.S. higher education and by connecting you to undiscovered talent in the region.

The Eurasia and Central Asia Virtual Tour takes you to the countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan in Central Asia; Russia, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia in Eurasia. These annual events are the only U.S. and only focused on higher education fairs in the region.

Due to the introduction of stricter personal data privacy laws in the region, EducationUSA is no longer able to share contact lists. U.S. higher education institution representatives will be responsible for collecting the necessary data to follow up with students after the fair.

We keep records of all registrations we receive for each particular fai and can give you an estimate of what we expect. This year expectations you can find in the profiles of your hosts in each city. Just click on the photo of an adviser and read an overview for each city.

It includes fees per booth with the maximum of 10 representatives per institution.

American Councils for International Education

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Nasiba Nurmatova

Please contact for all Tour payment questions

T: 202-833-7522

E: [email protected]